• Keeping families together to help kids heal faster and cope better
  • Hospital Support Programs

    Child’s Bedside Program15844480427_29a8d2f99d_z

    Through the Child’s Bedside Program, volunteers go room-to-room visiting parents and other family members who are camped-out at their child’s bedside, bringing beverages, supplies, and a listening ear to families in crisis. Many parents maintain around-the-clock vigils at their child’s bedside, sleeping in their child’s hospital room out of an intense need to remain at their child’s side. Our Child’s Bedside Program reaches out to these families, who may never use the services at our House but who greatly appreciate any added respite and comfort we can provide.

    Today, highly specialized hospitals can save the lives of children who would have been lost as little as five years ago. However, because of the complexities of health problems and new in-depth treatment, hospital stays are growing longer. In addition, specialized treatment tends to be located in centralized and expensive urban areas like San Francisco. Parents of a sick child are not prepared for the emotional and financial toll an illness takes on the entire family. The Ronald McDonald House is here to help.

    Parent Support Events

    The Parent Support Events were developed in collaboration with UCSF’s Benioff’s Family Advisory Council to help parents of critically ill children get to know each other and build a supportive community within the hospital. These peer support events include a simple meal and supportive conversation, during which House and UCSF staff, including social workers and child life specialists, are available to assist parents.