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    Julian’s parents had quite a scare when he decided to come three months ahead of his due date. As she went in for her regularly scheduled sonogram, Colleen learned there were complications with her pregnancy, and she was referred to the hospital in San Francisco. Doctors at the hospital attempted to forestall the labor, giving them an extra week, but ultimately it was Julian’s time to be born. Sean, Julian’s dad, was working when he heard the news and immediately drove nearly 100 miles to be with his wife in San Francisco. Julian was born weighing one pound, 12 ounces, then immediately lost three ounces in water weight.

    The next several weeks were incredibly difficult for the Warners, but thankfully, they found the support they needed at Ronald McDonald House.

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    “Because he was three months early, we almost didn’t know how to react to loving him. We were so afraid of losing him every moment.”Sean said, “Those first couple of weeks were so hard. But then we talked to other families and realized that’s how they feel. It really helped us come to terms with our own feelings.”

    Aside from the emotional support families like the Warners receive from the other families staying at the House, our volunteers and staff work around the clock to ensure each family’s stay here is as comfortable as possible. The parents can focus on what’s important -supporting the healing process of their child.”They cook meals for us, we don’t have to worry about that. They just make it feel more like home,” said Colleen.

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    As the weeks went by, with the constant love and attention of his parents and the dedicated medical staff, Julian continued to get bigger, ounce by ounce. In just two months’ time, he grew to 41bs 4 ounces and was released to a hospital closer to the Warners’ hometown. He is growing into a strong, healthy little boy.