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    The Hostlers

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    During their initial few nights in San Francisco, the Hostlers were sleeping in waiting rooms and hotels. Ericka was staying at the hospital and Mike was in a hotel with concerned family members.  It’s not easy for a husband and wife to spend their nights apart; it’s especially hard when you’re in a new city and your newborn is fighting for her life. Fortunately for the Hostlers, a room opened up at San Francisco Ronald McDonald House.

    On January  1, 2014, before she was even three months old, Coco Loq’ – Yan Hostler was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome and Hirschprung’s Disease. She already had numerous biopsies, four bowel surgeries and an open heart surgery. Just 71 days into her life, Coco had faced and conquered more health complications than an average person usually encounters in their entire life.

    Coco was born on October 20, 2013, four weeks premature in Hoopa, CA, to parents Ericka and Mike Hostler. In the newborn nursery it was discovered that Coco was exhibiting health problems typical to children born with Down’s Syndrome, which doctors then tested her for. They also realized that Coco had a hole in her heart and a bowel obstruction. At just two days old, she was flown to UCSF Medical Center to be treated by experts.

    The first three months at UCSF, it seemed that for every good thing that would happen, another challenge would be presented for Coco to overcome. From jaundice, ear infections and a cold, to worse–emergency surgeries, a collapsed lung and a car break in—this was one of the toughest experiences the Hostlers ever had to endure. If they weren’t able to come back to the House to enjoy a hot meal and a warm shower after undergoing some of the longest days of their lives, they weren’t sure they would have made it through without the support and lending hand from RMH-SF.

    After her heart surgery and the emergency corrective surgery that followed it, New Year’s Day was when Ericka and Mike thought that their luck was turning around and they were going to be able to head home. Coco had been eating all of her meals and was on a great track to recovery.

    After a scary setback involving her intubation, Coco was finally able to stabilize and get moving on the road to recovery. On January 30, 2014, after 100 extremely long, painful days in the hospital, baby Coco was given the green light to go home.

    The Hostlers stayed a total of 94 nights at the House. Mike and Ericka’s ability to stay strong throughout those days was inspiring to all of us here at RMH-SF.

    “If we were unable to stay at the Ronald McDonald House it would not have been possible for Mike and I both to be here in San Francisco with our daughter,” said Ericka.

    Since her return home, there have been a few bumps here and there, but Coco has been able to meet her family, friends and well-wishers that have been following her inspiring journey since day one. Her follow-up tests have all yielded positive results and doctors (and us here at RMH-SF) could not be more proud of Coco!