• Keeping families together to help kids heal faster and cope better
  • Host a Fundraiser

    ChocRunThere are countless ways to raise money and generate support for the Ronald McDonald House! Gather your friends, family and co-workers to plan a neighborhood bake sale, family garage sale, cocktail party, car wash, or wish list drive. For special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, ask that your guests bring an item off the wishlist or collect donations in lieu of gifts. The options are endless and no event or amount of support is too small.

    A third-party event or fundraiser is one which an organization outside Ronald McDonald House of San Francisco (RMH-SF) organizes and executes, and of which all or a portion of the net income after expenses benefits RMH-SF. The third-party organization is responsible for the major components of the planning of the event, including sponsorships, insurance, expenses, publicity, etc. RMH-SF will assist as staff time permits and is available for guidance, but the majority of planning and execution is the responsibility of the organization hosting the event.

    Each potential event will be evaluated individually before it is approved.

    Third-Party Organization Responsibilities

    To get started, complete our Fundraising & Supply Drive Approval Form at least thirty (30) days prior to your event, and email it to development@rmhcbayarea.org  – please place “External Event Proposal” in the subject line of your email.

    We are happy to guide you along the way. RMH-SF can assist in the following ways:

    RMH-SF is honored to be the beneficiary of community events organized by individuals, local organizations, schools, and businesses. The funds raised help provide the necessary services for the families who call our Ronald McDonald House their home. Thank you for your support!


    RMH-SF does not provide any financial assistance for production costs, insurance or other expenses for third-party events. The third-party organization will be responsible, financially and otherwise, for operating their event and in no manner will RMH-SF be liable for any claims or liabilities, no matter by whom made, in connection with the event. RMH-SF does not facilitate requests to the McDonald’s Corporation for sponsorship of third-party events. Approval of your event application does not constitute any relationship with the McDonald’s Corporation.