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  • Gala 2017 Honoree – Genentech

    Founded in 1976 by venture capitalist Robert A. Swanson and biochemist Dr. Herbert W. Boyer, Genentech was the first biotech company. After starting out as a small but ambitious Bay Area startup, the company has gone on to impact the lives of millions of people around the world by discovering and developing breakthrough medicines for serious and life-threatening diseases.

    From early experiments in making human insulin to exploring new frontiers in cancer immunotherapy, Genentech has long been dedicated to pushing the boundaries of science and changing the practice of medicine. But what people may not know is how the company goes beyond this to advance scientific knowledge, enhance health outcomes and support strong communities.

    Ronald McDonald House of San Francisco has been a beneficiary of Genentech’s philanthropic support and volunteerism since 2011.

    Genentech’s corporate giving and match programs have donated over $220,000 in gifts to Ronald McDonald House of San Francisco since 2011. These gifts support the Child’s Bedside program and other in-hospital programs thereby making a real difference in the lives of families caring for their children. Genentech employees have generously given their time in meaningful ways; they have decorated our houses during the holidays, helped cook meals for our families, and donated gifts for those in our care. Genentech has also contributed significant additional funding for our lodging program.

    Genentech’s corporate giving and volunteer programs have been an important and valued partner of Ronald McDonald House of San Francisco. Genentech’s support enables us to provide a place where families know that they are loved and supported, and are able to connect with others going through similar hardships.